A special

holiday experience

What kind of beautiful things are you doing today?

Capturing the moment, shifting down a gear, slowing down life. This works particularly well here with us at Lake Wolfgang, because St. Gilgen has always been rich in inspiration. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s grandfather worked here as a judge, and his sister Nannerl moved here after her marriage. A multitude of events, customs as well as the upscale cuisine create the ideal setting for a time full of experience and enjoyment.

Lightness, stay a little longer!

For example, while cycling along Lake Wolfgang, while hiking up one of the surrounding mountains, while strolling through the spacious park landscape of the Seehotel Billroth. Borrow one of the pedal boats that are reserved for you. Head out onto the crystal clear waters of Lake Wolfgang, which shimmer so enticingly in clear shades of green and blue. And then? Just enjoy!